Do you want to feel and LOOK like you've been dieting for 2 weeks?

This is what just one bodywrap session will do for you!  As soon as you put your clothes back on you can FEEL/SEE the difference.

How Does an Inches Off Bodywrap Work? 

Inches Off has a special seaweed formula that actually draws the toxins from the fatty cellulite tissues ( you know, that cottage cheesy look!).  The Inches Off Bodywrap will firm and tone, reduce stretch marks, and rejuvenate the whole body.  It helps eliminate toxins and impurities that have built up.  

Where Will YOU Lose the Most Inches?

Take this Test:

Run the palm of your hand from your midriff down to the sides and backs of your legs and buns.  If it is cold, that is where most of your inches will come off, because toxins have been built up where the blood is not flowing as it should be.  Once toxins are removed the blood is able to circulate better around the fatty tissues....blood carries oxygen and oxygen burns fat! 

What Happens During an Inches Off Bodywrap?

You will be measured BEFORE and After the wrap.  We will actually mark you with a pen to ENSURE that we are in the SAME spot after the wrap.  We then will put the clay on and wrap you in warm ace bandages.  Then, you will be put into our Alpha Massage or Vibrosaun Capsule so that you are warm.

The vigorous massaging action of the massage capsule combined with the dry heat will help to break the bonds between the fat cells and flush away cellulite.  

Because bodywraps are essentially a cold process, the ability to provide a warm environment is important.  Our massage capsules maintain desired heat levels throughout the duration of your treatment...this will insure comfort and world class results.  

After relaxing in our capsules we will get you out, unwrap you and put you in for a few more minutes to dry.  We then will re-measure you to see how many inches you have lost! 

How Long Will a Bodywrap Take?

The Inches Off Bodywrap will take a total of 1 1/2 hours from start to finish. 

Things To Know Before You Come​:

Wraps are done in underwear and bra or a 2 piece swimsuit.  The skimpier the better, so that we can get clay where you need to lose.  

Please remove all body jewelry

Please make sure your body is free of any lotion as this will create a barrier for the clay. 

Bring an extra set of undies and bra with you.  The ones you wear during the wrap will be damp.

Please do not plan on going anywhere 'special' after the wrap.  You will need a shower.  There will be a light residue on your skin.   


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