Inches Off Bodywraps


2 Full Detox Bodywraps for 
Buy 2 for yourself or bring a friend and split the cost! (Regularly $50 each!)

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*Second wrap must be used within 6 months

Take off inches and tighten skin in just two hours! 

Reduce cellulite and stretch marks

Give your entire body the benefits of a facial mask-smoother, tighter, softer skin

Most clients average an 8 to 16 inch loss in overall measurements with their first wrap.

The Inches Off Bodywrap is an effective and safe process that firms and tones, reducing body measurements and cleansing the skin and soft tissue.  It is NOT a substitute for physical fitness or dietary weight loss programs, BUT a great partner for your overall weight loss and fitness plan.

*Includes 40 minutes in our Alpha MASSAGE sauna spa capsule or our Vibrosaun MASSAGE sauna spa capsule.