The Alpha Massage Capsules and Bodywraps

What Happens During an Inches Off Bodywrap?

First thing that will happen is you will fill out a short personal form so that we can get to know you and where you want to lose the most inches.

We will then explain the process of the wrap and find out if you have any questions or concerns that we haven't already answered.

You will then go into a private dressing area where you can get down to your undies and bra.

The wrap technician will measure your entire body (The client normally writes down the measurements on a chart while being measured).  The tech will be marking each measurement area with a pen so that they can go back to the EXACT same spot after the wrap......that's right no cheating here! 

The technician will then apply the seaweed mask to your entire body, or wherever you are getting wrapped, and then wrap you with nice warm ace bandage wraps that have been soaking in mineral water.

You will then be taken to one of our Alpha Massage Capsule.  This is the BEST part! The Alpha is heated and has a wonderful vibrating massage.  You will lay there and relax for 40 minutes while there is soft music playing in your ears and light air blowing on your face.  Oh...and did I mention....IT BURNS CALORIES while you lay there!  Our exclusive Alpha Massage Capsules will maximize your inch loss!  If you think you might feel claustrophobic, it is very roomy inside and your head is out of the machine....most of our clients think it might bother them but it does not :) 

If you are getting a detox facial ($10) this is when and where it would be done.  Please come with a clean face and no eye makeup.

After your 40 minutes is up, we will get you out and unwrap you.  You will then be handed your chart again to record the after wrap measurements.  This is the exciting part! Typical inch loss is anywhere from 5-20 inches overall.

We will then let you brush down and get dressed while adding up your total inch loss! 

You will love the experience....we promise :)

We have two Alpha Massage Capsules.  It is always fun to do it with a friend.  Nothing says friendship like getting a bodywrap!! 

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