Inches Off Bodywrap Info

Inches Off Bodywraps are NOT to take the place of diet and exercise.  We ENCOURAGE eating healthy, drinking water and exercising. 

Inches Off Bodywraps should be used as part of a weight loss and fitness program. Our wraps will tone and firm skin over time as well as helping to reduce cellulite. It is best to get a wrap before starting a diet and exercise program to get rid of the toxin buildup in your system. This will help the weight come off faster and it will tighten and tone skin during your weight loss journey.

We have an exclusive special seaweed formula that will draw the toxins from the fatty cellulite tissues (you know, that cottage cheesy look!).  The Inches Off Bodywrap will firm and tone, reduce stretch marks, and rejuvenate the whole body.  It helps eliminate toxins and impurities that have built up.  

If you are starting a weight loss journey we encourage getting a series of wraps to aid in tightening the excess/loose skin you will have from your weight loss.  We do offer series of wrap packages at a discounted price, so you can tighten while in process of losing weight.

Where will you lose the most inches?

Run the palm of your hand from your midriff down to the sides and backs of your legs and buns.  If it is cold, that is where most of your inches will come off, because toxins have been built up where the blood is not flowing as it should be.  Once toxins are removed the blood is able to circulate better around the fatty tissues....blood carries oxygen and oxygen burns fat! 

The average inch loss during a bodywrap is 5-20 inches.  Most clients are able to feel/see the difference immediately.  But you will have your greatest inch loss after you have flushed out what has been broken up.  You will be asked to drink water for the next 2-3 days in order to FLUSH out those toxins.  In fact, we are so confident that you will lose extra inches we encourage you to try on something tight after the wrap and then try the same thing on 3 days later! They should feel looser. Some of our clients even leave the measurement lines on and re-measure 3 days later! 

THIS IS NOT A WATER LOSS or we would not want you to drink the water.  The purpose of drinking the water is to naturally flush out the toxins.  This is a permanent inch loss as long as you do not gain weight and follow the After Wrap Instructions.  This is why we encourage exercise and eating healthy. ​

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