After Wrap Instructions

~Congratulations on your inch loss! Now to keep it off :

~Do not shower for at least 1 hour after your Inches Off Bodywrap

~Take a lukewarm shower.  We do not want you to take a HOT shower as this will open your pores.  The cooler the better.

~It is best to use a non lotion, non oily, non perfumy soap.  We do offer a seaweed soap that you can purchase after wrap for $6, but any natural soap will work.

~DRINK, DRINK, DRINK water for 72 hours after wrap (we cannot stress this enough! I'm sure your wrap tech will be preaching it the entire time she is wrapping you)

*1st 24hours should drink at least 1 gal

*48-72 hours drink 3-4 liters per day
Or until next wrap....drinking the water is what flushes out the toxins and makes it a permanent inch loss. :) 

~Avoid carbonated drinks, alcohol, caffeine and fried foods for 72 hours (one cup of coffee,soda, or an alcoholic beverage a day is fine and won't ruin it, but naturally it is better to avoid them.)

~Continue or begin healthy eating habits

~Continue or begin with an exercise routine 3 times a week minimum

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